So just to add some fun we are offering a different way of ordering wine by the glass. Instead of choosing by variety, region or country, we serve these wines ‘blind’ to you, and the only thing we will tell you in advance are the flavors of the wine.

White Wines



Wine nr.1



Apple Tart Tatin – Orange Peel – Chamomile


Wine nr.2



Crisp Green Apples – Lime Zest – Grapefruit


Wine nr.3



Juicy Yellow Apricots – Almond Cake – Melted Butter


Red Wines



Wine nr.4



Sweet Wild Strawberries – Autumn Leaves – Raspberries


Wine nr.5



Dark Cherries – Red Plums – Cinnamon Sticks


Wine nr.6



Morello Cherries – Café au Lait – Ripe Blackberries