Andreas Rosendal moves from Restaurant Sat Bains in Nottingham to be Head Sommelier at Brasserie Chavot. Andreas has had a successful career working in renowned restaurants across London and Europe and even did a trial at the Capital Hotel, where he was first introduced to the infamous Eric Chavot.

Originally born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in Sweden, Andreas was first interested in training as a chef, but changed direction to become a restaurant manager. It was in Andreas’s early career, when working for a 5 star hotel in Stockholm that he was exposed to fine wines and developed a keen interest in finding out more about the heritage of each wine estate.

This later encouraged Andreas to take his interest one step further to study wines at the University of Örebro in Sweden. He is still continuing his studies through WSET and CMS and has been invited for the Master Sommelier examination in 2015.

Andreas’s passion for wine is demonstrated in his relationships with the winemakers and suppliers. His personal inspiration stems from the hard working people in the vineyards and wineries, but also from other fellow Sommeliers that he has met throughout his career.

Andreas intends to bring his philosophy of building strong relationships with the producers to Brasserie Chavot. He plans to carefully select 25-30 growers of outstanding quality wines and match them to Brasserie Chavot menu. Each wine will enhance and complement the character of the food, which he describes as classically Eric Chavot – intense flavours with individual personality. His favourite Brasserie Chavot dish: Escargots en Persillade

Andreas career has also provided the opportunity to travel to various vineyards in many different countries. Even though his favourite wine region is Burgundy, he encourages all diners to be open minded with food and wine as some of the ‘greatest discoveries are usually found in the most unusual and unexpected places’.